NZ Para Dressage Rider - Sandy Dillon

New Zealand Para Dressage Rider

Acheivements to date



• New Zealand Equestrian Federation. Dressage—(able bodied)
• Consistently Placed throughout Central North Island—Elementary Level
• New Zealand Para Equestrian– Nationally placed 2nd
• Represented New Zealand at the British National Champ– Hartpury College 1997, placed 6th (first int. event) -12 countries, 15 individuals Grade IV

• NZEF - consistently placed throughout Central North Island—Medium Level
• NZ Para Equestrian—Nationally 2nd place (own Horse) Represented NZ at Australian National Champs NZ Team place 4th

• NZEF dressage—consistently placed throughout Central North Island
• Open Medium Level NZ Para Equestrian—Nationally places 1st—(borrowed horse)
• Represented NZ, World Disabled Dressage Champs, Denmark (28 Countries) Placed 11th

• NZEF dressage—consistently placed Open Med & started Advanced
• NZ Para—(did not compete due to mother having surgery for cancer on the same day)

• NZEF dressage—consistently placed Open Med and Advanced
• Limited outing due to horse recurring injury
• NZ Paralympics Multi Sport National Champs—Equestrian
• 1st Place in Championship test and 1st Place in Freestyle Test
• Australia RDA National Champs—highest Place NZ rider. Borrowed Horse

• Sold “ Portobello Road” , purchased Mount Topper
• Competition Advanced Able-bodied - with %’s over 60%
• NZEF Dressage Competition Advance Level—consistently place
North Island, including qualifying for National Able body and HOY Show with %’s over 60%
• Para Dressage World Champs Belgium - placed mid field, borrowed horse

• NZEF Dressage Competition Advance Level– consistently placed North Island Regional and Qualifiers Able body open competition.

• Limited competition
• Started own saddlery business and also had been competition full on for the previous 7 years without a break
• Continued training at home—working towards PSG and Int 1

• NZEF Dressage Advance Level—horse had injury over winter, taken some time to come right— limited competition but good placing’s and %’s.

• NZEF Dressage Advance Level—able body, qualified HOY show and Nationals, including musical freestyle with % over 60%
• NZEF Dressage—Currently training towards competition Grand Prix


• Pain has increased so much that required further surgery. Longer than expected recovery - started back quite riding December.


2010• Started back riding again just schooling at home, building up strenght again. Looking for new medium to advance horse.


2010 - Retired Mount Topper aged 22years - he has been a simpily outstanding horse and has earnt his retirment he will remain here at home and will continue to teach other up and coming riders.  Looking to purchase his understudy - not an easy task and requires long pockets. The NZ Para National

Competition in March i borrowed "Marcau" from Jody Hartstone, which she imported from German approx 6-8months ago. I travel to Jody's in Raglan from home some 2hr drive and had 2 x 45min lesson on Marcau, then 3 day later took him to Auckland to compete.

 We placed in all classes and overall NZ Rev. Champion. against Jayne Craike who was on her own horse of 8years or more, with only .5 of a % in it.



 2011 -- Moved to Cambridge, NZ - personal change in life

2012 further leg operations have put a stop to riding for now, but i will be back to it asap. 2014 - looking forward to getting back in the saddle. 












 more infor to come - this website is still underconstruction















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