My Horses My Horses World Champs Belgium 15.2hh Elementary Horse Belgium Warmblood 80464204 Fair Darrick Hartbury- England 1997 17.2hh alot of horse ,great ride 80464205 Portobello Road My First Dressage Horse. 80464206 Mount Topper Yes, the one and only - what a star he was!!! now retired at home. still a star!!!!! will always be my favourite. 80464207 Thomas Borrowed - Hawkes Bay NZ National champ. 80464208 Marceau Borrowed - Para National Championship 2010 81141871 Marceau 81141872 Marceau R.Champion after only riding him for 2 days before. Champion was Jayne Craike, on her mount of approx 8years. Not a bad effort Marceau. 81141873 Marceau Totally Lovely Horse. What a great weekend. oh and he came with his own groom, Laura. 82273251